Career Anxiety? Get help with your inner critic.

your inner critic.

limiting beliefs.


self-care tools.


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Here at Self Care Continuum, you will gain tools to deal with anxieties and internal blocks in the way of pursuing your career passion. Ready to get started?


Tell me, have you ever felt…

  • Unfulfilled in your career and striving for purpose?
  • Stuck, as if you’re lost and don’t know what direction to take?
  • Uncertain you have what it takes to succeed?
  • Disconnected and unmotivated to keep going? 
  • Anxious that you are not doing a perfect enough job?

Imagine waking up every morning having purpose and direction with your career, without any pressure to do things perfectly. You know you are making choices that are best for you, based on your passion and capabilities. You feel joyful, proud, grateful, capable and motivated.

You’re living your life your way

Hi! I’m Jeanne Prinzivalli, M.A., LMFT

As a licensed psychotherapist and coach, I help women move from feeling stuck, stressed, and overwhelmed into a future full of direction, confidence, and certainty. Every woman is worthy and capable of creating the career path they want. Some need support in learning how to love themselves, identify their truth, and follow their path. Let me be the person to walk alongside you and help you find your own individual path.

M.A, LMFT Licensed Since 2013

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Looking for the Same Type of Results?

Learn about the many ways therapy and coaching for women can push you past stress and struggle and into a life of ease and confidence.


You can change all that with

10 Steps to Decisiveness with Ease

Journaling Activities from Jeanne Prinzivalli to help you reduce negative self-talk and increase self-confidence.

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With 10 Steps to Decisiveness with Ease, you’ll learn how to trust your instincts and check your body for messages about what you really want, outside of what you think you should want. 

Take the steps today to change your decision-making process forever.