Here at the Self Care Continuum, our goal is for increasing self-awareness and self-care to feel less like a chore and more like a way to fully encompass all aspects of your being. Since this is a journey and not a quick fix, we believe that your personal toolbox should be filled to the brim with tips and tricks to make life a little easier, and maybe even a little bit fun.

How you participate in this world is up to you, but we want to show you ways to do so that will make you more comfortable and make it easier to achieve the results you desire. The better you know yourself and the better you support and care for yourself, the easier it will be to achieve those goals and deal with whatever comes your way. And the support of yourself will go a long way, helping to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, overwhelm, low confidence, or feeling alone in this world.

Our Founder

Jeanne Prinzivalli Founder of Self Care Continuum
Jeanne Prinzivalli – M.A, LMFT

Jeanne Prinzivalli has been a Licensed Psychotherapist working with adult individuals since 2013. She is in private practice in West Los Angeles, CA offering in-person sessions and online counseling. Her style of therapy is fairly eclectic using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic and Mindfulness, as well as pulling from additional tools learned over the years.

Jeanne’s goal is to help people understand their internal process and find new tools that will help reduce symptoms of self-doubt, overwhelm anxiety and depression. By getting to know yourself really well and creating a personalized toolbox, you will have what is necessary to take on whatever life brings you. The goal is to help guide you towards increased self-awareness, compassion and nurturing so you feel supported, confident and comfortable in your own body and therefore in dealing with the world.

As a counselor, working with adults, Jeanne reminds clients that therapy alone will not solve the problem necessarily. But the work you do outside of the therapy sessions is what will determine the changes. Jeanne will recommend clients try as many things they are drawn to. What this really does is help you find out more about yourself, what you like, and what feeds your soul. And then without realizing it necessarily, you’ve just become more self-aware and have more tools in your toolbox of dealing with life.