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Check out our blogs! Get valuable information, tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety, overcoming depression and overall self-care!

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Self-Care Tips for the Mind, Body & Spirit

May 10, 20233 min read

Being Healthy comes from staying hydrated, reducing stress, and what you put in your body. There is a balance between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing that will be reflected when tending to all components.

So let’s start with talking about taking care of the body. What does that mean exactly and why is it important? Well, it means being physically active with whatever your ability is, stretching, getting proper nutrition and rest, and staying hydrated. Then there are additional ways to support your body with getting a massage, additional alternative treatments, taking supplements, using steam/sauna, eating clean diets, taking herbs etc. The list of options really is endless; it is just about trying different things and seeing what works for your body. 

So, why is it important? It is important to take care of your body to improve and optimize it. You will reduce injury, speed up recovery, maintain or improve physical stability/strength/stamina, improve circulation, flush the lymphatic system and support the organs. You can also help slow the ageing process down, and improve collagen and elastin production. You will help the way your skin and body looks and feels, and it will affect your mental and emotional wellbeing. Basically there are endless reasons to take care of your body. And there really is no harm in building a healthy relationship with your body. 

Not convinced yet? Read some more tips and advice below.

Tips on Self-Care for the Body

1- Pay attention to your body. It usually tells you what it needs. Think about it.. when your body is tired, hungry, in pain or uncomfortable in some way.. it always lets you know. So, when you pay attention to those signs, you are better able to give it what it needs. 

2- Do preventative things to tend to your body before a problem starts. Such as giving your body proper nutrition, getting good rest, exercising, stretching the muscles, and staying hydrated. 

3- Do detoxifying things that help support the body. Such as getting a massage, using steam or saunas, or taking baths. 

4- Take a lot of breaks. When we sit for long periods of time our body gets stagnant. So make sure your body gets plenty of movement. 

5- Use good posture. Posture is very helpful in reducing body aches and pain. It can also help the bones keep the proper positioning, which will allow your body to move best and can reduce problems as you age. 

6- Keep your core muscles strong. As we age, our muscles weaken and the body compensates by using other muscles to do the same things. This, in turn, puts us at risk for injury or muscle burn out. Keep your primary muscles strong and your body will feel better, be more capable and you will reduce the risk of injury. 

7- Be respectful of your body’s limitations. Sometimes we are not able to do certain things because of injury, muscle weakness or even other health problems. Even if you think you should be able to do something because you are healthy enough or young enough, or use to be able to. That doesn’t mean you should push yourself. 

8- Take naps. Remember the early days in school when there was naptime? Well, adults function just as well as taking naps. In fact, we have more physical and mental energy when we do so. Go ahead and pull out that pillow at your desk during lunchtime. Start a healthy work trend.

9- Use products for your body. Many people think this is just a way to spend more money and do more steps with your showering routine. However, exfoliating and applying body lotion will not only make the skin more supple and help slow down the ageing process, but it also increases circulation and flushes the lymphatic system. And if you use products with essential oils, it will benefit the mental and emotional components also.

For some ideas on self-care products for the body visit the Self Care Emporium.

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Jeanne Prinzivalli

Jeanne Prinzivalli is a licensed psychotherapist working with adult individuals. She supports people on their journey to self-awareness, self-care and overall wellbeing.

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